Pallay Punchu of Apu Tacllo

Pallay Punchu the new Rainbow Mountain in Cusco

The Pallay Punchu Mountain or Pallay Puncho of the Apu T’akllo Apacheta, located in the district of Layo in Cusco, is the new tourist attraction of Cusco as of 2020. With this, Cusco would already add its third mountain of colors, a place you should not miss.

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Pallay Punchu 1 Day tour from Cusco

Location and Altitude

The Pallay Punchu mountain is located in the district of Layo, province of Canas, Cusco at about 4700 m.a.s.l. The arrival time is approximately 3 hours, departing from the city of Cusco.


As in most of the Peruvian highlands, the climate is similar. This mountain has a climate very similar to that of Vincunca (Rainbow Mountain of Peru). Which makes it very cold, with strong winds.

During the day it’s very sunny and in the evening it’s very cold, a wind that burns and a solo that seems to heat nothing.

Let’s not confuse the Weather of Machu Picchu with the other tourist destinations in Cusco, Machu Picchu is in the jungle and is temperate almost all year round

Best time to go

The best time to go and see this place is in the dry season in Cusco. This season runs from May to October, so we can see the mountain clear and full of color.

Why is the Pallay Punchu Mountain a new tourist attraction in Cusco?

Also known as Pallay Punchu of the Apu Tákllo Apacheta, is a destination that unlike Vinicunca, presents sharper mountains, also the attraction of this place is that, we can observe one of the largest lakes of Cusco (Langui), which makes a unique and incredible place.

How to get to this new rainbow mountain in Cusco?

Like Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain Perú and Palccoyo, this place is far from the city of Cusco, the good thing is that we can access it by taking a car to the district of Layo – Canas.

The distance to be covered is about 5.3 km, once there, the walk can take from 2 hours to about 4 hours, depending on your physical condition.

As it is a new place, there is still no access for cars to take us as close as possible, but the municipality is planning to make one, which will make access easier.

Recommendations for the trek

  • First, you must be well acclimatized to the altitude, it is advisable to go after being in Cusco 2 or 3 days.
  • You must be in good physical condition to reach the top of the Pallay Punchu mountain.
  • Take a trekking stick or a stick to hold you up and help you with the walk.
  • Wear and use sunglasses with UV protection, a hat or cap and strong sunscreen.
  • Wear trekking shoes in your size.
  • Wear light, warm clothing such as gloves, scarves, chullos, etc.

Go with travel agency vs. alone

Before the pandemic, we could tell you that you can take 1 of 2 options, but, with this whole COVID-19 situation, the best option is to go with a travel agency. Since there is no interprovincial transportation at the moment, and if you find it, it will be difficult to get there on your own.

To get to Pallay Punchu Mountain with an agency, you just have to coordinate with them and go in the best way possible and without complications.

Travel profile for this destination

It is ideal for hikers, adventurers, nature and landscape lovers. The recommended age is from 12 years old to 50.

FAQS of Pallay Punchu

What is Pallay Poncho by Apu T’akllo Apacheta?

It is the new tourist attraction of Cusco, known as the third mountain of seven colors.

Pallay Punchu vs Vinicunca

Pallay Poncho is new, its main attraction is that it is surrounded by impressive mountains and one of the largest lakes in Cusco, however Vinicunca is very popular, it is surrounded by the mountain Ausangate

Where is Palay Puncho Mountain located?

It is located in the district of Layo, province of Canas, in the region of Cusco, about 185 km / 115 miles from Cusco (3 hours by car)

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