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Red Valley Cusco

Red Valley in Cusco

The Red Valley in Cusco – Peru, is a new tourist attraction that is very close to the famous Rainbow Mountain, is an impressive place,…
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Montaña de 7 Colores

Rainbow Mountain Peru

Vinicunca is a mountain pass located about four hours by car southeast of the city of Cusco, in the opposite direction of Machu Picchu, the…
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Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain

The Palcoyo rainbow mountain, is a series of 3 mountains that are made up of green, red, blue, white and yellow colors. Is a mountain…
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Rio Rojo de Cusco en Perú

Red River in Cusco Peru

The impressive Red River in Cusco is just one more example of the amazing landscape that Peru has to offer. From the impressive Laguna Humantay…
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