Visiting Machu Picchu in June

Machu Picchu in June

June is a magical time to visit Machu Picchu, the iconic Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This guide, crafted from a local perspective, aims to provide you with the most comprehensive and realistic information to plan your June adventure to this World Heritage Site.

What to Expect

In June, Machu Picchu reveals its most enchanting side, with clear skies and vibrant festivals. The days are filled with sunshine, offering spectacular views of the ruins and the surrounding mountains. It’s a time of high energy, with the Inca Festival of the Sun, Inti Raymi, bringing a burst of color and culture to the region.

Things to Do and See

Things to do in Machu Picchu in June
  • Explore Machu Picchu: Discover the mystery and beauty of the Incan citadel.
  • Attend Inti Raymi: Experience the ancient Inca sun festival in Cusco, a cultural spectacle not to be missed.
  • Hiking: Venture on trails like the famous Inca Trail for breathtaking views.
  • Photography: Capture the stunning landscapes and vibrant cultural scenes, a delight for photography enthusiasts.
  • Visit Sacred Valley Towns: Pisac and Ollantaytambo offer a quieter, yet equally enriching, experience.


June is dry season in Machu Picchu, characterized by warm days and cooler nights. Daytime temperatures hover around 66°F (19°C), while nights can cool down to 34°F (1°C). The weather is generally stable, but mornings can sometimes surprise with misty conditions.

Crowds & Costs

Being a peak travel month, June sees increased crowds. Planning and booking in advance, especially for the Inca Trail and accommodations, is essential. Prices for hotels and tours are higher, reflecting the high demand, especially during the Inti Raymi festival.


  • Optimal Weather: Clear skies and minimal rain make it ideal for exploring.
  • Festive Atmosphere: Cultural festivals add a unique flavor to the experience.
  • Great Wildlife Spotting: The dry season is perfect for seeing local flora and fauna.


  • Crowded: Popular spots can get busy, impacting the tranquility of your visit.
  • Higher Costs: Be prepared for increased prices for accommodation and tours.
  • Cooler Nights: Nights can be chilly, requiring adequate preparation.


  • Plan Ahead: Book your trip, including the Inca Trail, months in advance.
  • Pack Accordingly: Bring layers for varying temperatures and good walking shoes.
  • Attend Cultural Events: Don’t miss the chance to witness the local festivals.
  • Explore Beyond Machu Picchu: Visit lesser-known sites in the Sacred Valley for a more holistic experience.

June in Machu Picchu is a blend of awe-inspiring natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and lively festivals. With the right planning and an open heart, your journey to this ancient wonder will be an unforgettable chapter in your travel stories.

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