Visiting Machu Picchu in October

Machu Picchu in October

Machu Picchu, a marvel nestled in the Peruvian Andes, presents a unique allure in October. This month, bridging the dry and wet seasons, offers a distinct experience for travelers. As a local guide from Cusco with a passion for photography and sharing my homeland’s wonders, I aim to provide you with a detailed, informative guide about visiting Machu Picchu during this transitional month.

What to Expect

October at Machu Picchu is a time of change. The weather begins to shift from the drier conditions of the earlier months to the onset of the rainy season. This period provides a mix of sunny days with sporadic showers, particularly in the afternoons. It’s a time when the crowds start to thin out, offering a more peaceful experience compared to the peak tourist season.

Things to Do and See

Things to do in Machu Picchu in October

Trekking Adventures

October is the last month for ideal trekking conditions. Trails like the Inca Trail and alternative routes such as the Lares Trek are still accessible, offering breathtaking views and a deeper connection with the Inca culture.

Cultural Events

The Cusco region, especially during Cusco Tourist Week, becomes a hub of cultural activities. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in local traditions, music, and cuisine.


For photography enthusiasts, the dynamic weather and lighting conditions provide a stunning backdrop for capturing the essence of Machu Picchu and its surrounding landscapes.


Expect mild temperatures averaging around 70° F (21° C). Mornings are generally clearer, making them ideal for outdoor activities. As the month progresses, the likelihood of afternoon rains increases, adding a mystical ambiance to the site but requiring some extra preparation in terms of rain gear.

Crowds & Costs

October sees a reduction in tourist numbers, making it a less crowded time to visit. With the decrease in demand, you might find more competitive prices for accommodations and tours, making it a cost-effective time to travel.


  • Less crowded trails and sites
  • Balanced weather conditions
  • Opportunity to experience local cultural events
  • Better deals on accommodations and tours


  • Increasing chances of rain, especially in the latter half of the month
  • Some trails may start to close in preparation for the rainy season


  • Plan outdoor activities, like trekking or site visits, for the mornings to avoid the afternoon showers.
  • Participate in local events during Cusco Tourist Week to enrich your cultural experience.
  • Always carry rain gear and be prepared for sudden weather changes.
  • Book accommodations and tours in advance to take advantage of potential discounts.

October offers a unique opportunity to experience Machu Picchu with a blend of good weather, fewer crowds, and rich cultural activities. With proper planning and an adventurous spirit, your visit during this month can be both memorable and rewarding.

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