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The place called Moray in Peru is really interesting. It’s like a big hole in the ground made by people a long, long time ago. The hole is surrounded by big mountains. People aren’t sure why it was made, but they have some ideas.

What is Moray?

Moray is a special place near a town called Maras in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru. It looks like big circles going down into the ground. The circles are like big steps, and the biggest circle is really wide, like a football field! The mountains around it are really tall, and when you look inside, it’s amazing!

Why Was Moray Made?

People aren’t sure why Moray was made because the people who made it a long time ago didn’t write things down. But some smart people have some ideas about it.

Idea 1: Testing Plants

Some people think Moray was like a big garden. They believe the ancient people who lived here wanted to see which plants could grow best. They made the steps to have different temperatures and sunlight for the plants. This way, they could learn how to grow food better.

Idea 2: Fun Celebrations

Some people say Moray was a place for parties and special events! Even today, people come here once a year to have a big celebration. But it’s a bit strange because Moray is far away from the big city of Cusco where the ancient people lived.

Idea 3: Digging for Rocks

Long ago, Moray might have been a big hole where people dug for rocks. After they took all the rocks, they made the steps and used the place for growing things.

Idea 4: Aliens?

Some people think maybe aliens made Moray! They say the big circles look like pictures that aliens make. But this idea is a big mystery!

Moray’s History

A long time ago, even before the Inca people, someone might have started making Moray. But the steps we see today were made by the Inca people. They were really good at building things! People from other places knew about Moray, but it was only in the 1930s that they saw it from the sky!

MIL Restaurant: A Tasty Place!

A famous chef named Virgilio Martinez made a special restaurant near Moray. He loves the history of Moray, so he makes food that’s like a tribute to the old times. The people who help him grow the food use very old ways of doing it. When you eat here, you get to taste special food you can’t find anywhere else!

Plants the Inca People Grew

The Inca people were really good at growing things. They liked to grow potatoes, quinoa, and corn. These were very important foods for them. Some people think they tested growing these plants at Moray.

How Moray Was Made

The steps at Moray were made by carving into the side of a mountain. They used big rocks to help the water go down. They even brought soil from far away places! This shows how clever they were!

Where is Moray?

Moray is in a high place, about 11,500 feet above the sea. It’s in a pretty spot with green fields and snowy mountains far away.

Moray’s Weather

It’s not too hot or too cold at Moray. In the day, it’s around 65-70°F (18-21°C). At night, it can get a bit colder, around 30-50°F (1-8°C).

When to Visit Moray

The best time to visit is when it’s not raining, from April to October. The grassy steps are really pretty in the rainy season from November to March.

Getting Used to the High Place

Sometimes, when people go to high places, they feel a bit funny. They might get short of breath or feel sick. To feel better, they can rest, drink water, and even try a special tea made from coca leaves. There are also medicines to help.

Things to Do at Moray

  • Look at the big hole and see how the temperature changes.
  • Eat at MIL restaurant for a special meal.
  • Ride a bike or a special car to see more places around Moray.
  • Ride a horse and see even more!

More Fun at Maras

Near Moray, there’s a special place called Salt mines of Maras. It has fields of salt that look like snow! You can learn about how people make salt and even buy some to take home.

Plan Your Trip to Moray

Moray is not too far from Cusco, about 33 miles (53 km). You can visit in one day. Moray is really close to Machu Picchu, but you have to visit them on different days. If you need help with transportation, just ask!

Don’t Forget These!

  • Ticket to go into Moray (it’s called Boleto Turistico).
  • Water and snacks.
  • Good shoes for walking.
  • Camera to take pictures.
  • Money for cool things you might want to buy.
  • Hat, sunglasses, and sunblock to protect from the sun.
  • Jacket or raincoat, especially if it might rain.

Your Amazing Moray Adventure

If you want to go to Moray, just let us know! We can help you plan your trip to this special place. You’ll see the big hole, eat special food, and have so much fun exploring!

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