Salcantay Mountain

Salkantay Trek Weather

The weather on the Salkantay trek changes a lot, due to the fact that it crosses through different altitudes and Cusco has rainy and drought seasons. The only place where weather is a major concern is the Salkantay Pass and nearby areas.

Temperatures here, and in the nearby Soraypampa camp, can fall below zero. The other camps are much warmer, due to their proximity to the Peruvian jungle.

During the day temperatures can drop to 2 ° C thats why the weather is very unpredictable.

At Machu Picchu, the weather changes to a humid and warm weather because Machu Picchu is in the jungle. Normal temperatures in Machu Picchu are between 20 ° C and 25 ° C. Machu Pichcu is very rainy from December and February.

Check here the Machu Picchu Weather.

Weather along the year for Salkantay Trek

The best time to go to salkantay trek by months:

  • January: Rainy season.
  • February: Rainy season
  • March: End of rainy season, it will be a good time to go
  • April: Good time to go.
  • May: Good time to go.
  • June: Good time to go.
  • July: Good time to go.
  • August: Good time to go.
  • September: Good time to go.
  • October: Good time to go.
  • November: Rainy season starts in this month.
  • December: Rainy season

You must be prepared for anything, like for the humidity and the dryness, the cold and the warm conditions, it will make your experience more pleasant.

Generally there are two seasons in Cusco and Salkantay:

The rainy season is from November to March. In this rainy season almost every day it rains for a couple of hours, but there are also several sunny days.

The dry season in Cusco is from March to October, June and July are the coldest months in the mornings, afternoons and most of the time at night.

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